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Client testimonials and praise for GB Massage

The massage was lovely. Gentle, considerate and just felt so damn good! I swear I still ache less and it was a couple of days ago.

George put me at ease straight away. My shoulder already feels a million times better, thanks.

The massage totally fixed my back and shoulders.

Just wanted to let you know that since you did the elbow manoeuvre I haven't had anywhere near the hip pain that I'd been experiencing. I still get the odd twinge but it's not constant 24/7. I'm so relieved! Thanks for all you do, I greatly appreciate it.


Many thanks for the massage you gave me yesterday for ‘runners knee.’ It was very effective and the knee is significantly more relaxed and comfortable.

Thanks for helping with my aches and pains yesterday, needed it after a month of neglect! Also thanks for great sports massage throughout last year, helping to keep it all working. Several races already in diary so be in need of your expertise as usual. Keep up the good work, all the best for 2018.

Full of praise for GB massage, he really hit the spot! Great relief from those aches & pains, thanks for the fantastic treatment. I'll be back for sure!

Highly recommend George for a sports massage, great pressure and tailored to whatever I have done to myself this time!!! Always feel great after, like new!

The quality of the massage I get from George reminds me of the one I used to have whilst holidaying in Turkey. Truly excellent, uplifting and energising. I always feel like a brand new woman after it! Why don't you try it for yourself?

Very professional and I came out feeling like new. George tailored the massage to my rotator cuff injury and worked some magic. The warm hands were a bonus! Thank you George.

Just had a fabulous Sports massage with George, I really enjoy the firm pressure and the techniques he used to release tension from a deep level. The gluteal (buttock) massage was great to release stuck tension which has resulted from a previous herniated disk I had. It's an area that is so often neglected by therapists but is so important to have it released, so thank you George, please can I book back in?

Wow! Amazing! Have been suffering from back pain after runs & the last week with pain in my calf. George identified the spot in minutes and worked thoroughly on the area as well as other areas! Felt great after and will certainly be back! Highly recommended!

George tailored the massage directly to my needs, I came out feeling a new person. Many thanks.

I have received several massages from George pre and post running and sports events. He's become an essential part of my prep and recovery. He is very good at what he does. Highly recommended.

Fantastic massage, highly recommended. Reaping the benefits and looking forward to regular maintenance sessions to optimise my exercise regime and overall well-being.

Really hit all the problem areas. Amazing massage!

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