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What are the benefits of Chinese cupping?

The principle behind cupping is that as tissue is lifted, fresh blood, full of nutrients and oxygen, rushes to the areas being worked on. This creates a feeling of warmth and a relief from tension.

While massage compresses tissues, cupping lifts them. An oil is applied to the skin which facilitates moving the cups. The cups are placed on the oiled skin and using a pump the air is removed from inside the cup; creating a vacuum that lifts the skin. The cups are then either moved or they can be left static for a few minutes, over particularly tense areas.

Initially the level of intensity is kept quite low while the tissues warm up, but then more air can be withdrawn from the cup creating a stronger sensation and working at a deeper level. Marks may remain on the skin after cupping which look like bruises. These will fade over a couple of days. Generally, the reaction is greatest if the client has not had cupping regularly in the past, if the areas worked on are highly congested, or the cups were left in one place.


  • 30 mins £30.00
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