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What does massage do?

Massage is a unique and powerful restorative practice.  With a carefully structured approach, skilled therapists can provide huge benefits for their clients, both for the mind and the body.

There are many different types and styles of massage, all designed to relieve pain and promote healing. Whichever form you and your therapist decide is appropriate for your circumstance, it is realistic to assume that you will adopt a largely passive role while the therapist ‘treats’ the soft tissues of your body. During this process mental awareness of the physical self is inevitably heightened.

Massage can therefore be used as a tool designed to develop a sense of focus within ourselves. We can track our sensations, we may see images or colours. Thoughts, feelings and even emotions may surface. In short, an awareness of being aware is generated which may enable us to become increasingly observant, objective and open. Being aware of our mental processes can help us to free ourselves from habitual or ingrained responses; to make positive change.

In this way massage helps build social and emotional power. By becoming more conscious of the self the recipient may become more empathetic and more compassionate towards those around them, while at the same time more resilient in themselves.

By promoting both personal integration and interpersonal connections, massage contributes to our greater effectiveness in life on a day to day basis.

GB Massage currently offers both sports massage and deep tissue massage.


No massage should ever cause pain. Pain is discomfort accompanied by a sensation of wanting to withdraw or retreat. Massage will be delivered within your level of tolerance. The key to working effectively is for both client and therapist to be relaxed, otherwise muscles will tense and resist and this may undermine any benefit.

After any of these therapies you may feel initially tired and then later uplifted or energized. For some time afterwards, it is usual to feel relaxed and experience a greater ease of movement. Given the pressures of life for many of us these days, we sometimes take a while to recognize the distinction between being relaxed and being weary.

What to expect?

On arrival there is a small form to fill in and we’ll have a chat about you.

Initially we shall discuss:

  • why you have chosen to come in for a massage
  • your expectations
  • what you feel will make the massage a success

After our consultation:

  • we will choose a strategy for the massage
  • you will receive a massage that is tailored to you
  • you will have the opportunity to provide feedback throughout, for example whether the level of pressure suits you.

After the massage:

  • you can make an evaluation of your experience
  • if necessary, we can discuss an ongoing programme
  • we will talk about what you can do on your own to maintain the benefits of the massage
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