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The goal of GB Massage is very simply, to deliver the most appropriate massage for your needs.

Not only do I provide a great massage, but together we examine what causes, for example, that pain in your neck or lower back, and what can be done about it.

In my view, the importance of connective tissue in our bodies is only just beginning to be appreciated. I am enthusiastic about the anatomy trains perspective regarding the significance of fascia and its impact on how we move.  Here is a link to a Thomas Myers video on the subject for more information.

About George

Following a redundancy in 2010, I worked for several different individuals who had all suffered traumatic spinal injury.  My career in care developed over time with an emphasis on palliative care.  It was while working with a client who had Motor Neurone Disease, that I first became aware of the physical and mental benefits of massage as a therapy.

Doing physical work with people and leaving them feeling better motivated me as a carer.  This continues to motivate me now as a massage therapist.

In 2015 I obtained an ITEC L4 qualification in Sports Massage. Initially I worked from a treatment room at my home. Now, I have been fortunate enough to join the team at Treat, a complementary health clinic in Norwich.

Since 2011 I have been studying Tai Chi, which promotes self awareness through movement. I also enjoy Krav Maga, an unarmed combat system, that is a form of functional fitness and is much more dynamic than Tai Chi!

When in doubt, I often return to Winnie-the-Pooh for guidance.

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